Lauren Baker has achieved the unusual dual credential of both PhD and ELS. To even the most complex scientific and technical writing projects, Lauren brings the sophistication and nuanced understanding of difficult subject matter typical of a manuscript’s author, along with the attention to both internal and external consistency of the most fastidious copyeditor.

I also appreciate Lauren’s ability to work independently and collaborate productively with myself and other members of my firm. When needed, one can often send Lauren key data for a particularly difficult assignment and she will make a productive head start, in a short time reducing a Pandora’s box of editorial challenges into a discrete set of more manageable solutions.

In recent years of freelance consultation, Lauren’s efforts have been central to my company’s maintaining a high level of quality control in our medical communications. In short, Lauren is among the most accomplished and adroit medical editors with whom I have had the pleasure to collaborate during my company’s nearly two decades of incorporation. For medical editing assignments, I would recommend her without hesitation.